Yerevan Djur

Mission and values

During its activity, Yerevan Djur CJSC follow Veolia Group criteria and requirements, with the value system serving as the axis thereof and consisting of the following 5 principles.

1. Customer focus
Our ability to listen carefully and professionally and anticipate and adapt to client needs reflects our commitment to building solid, lasting relationships.

2. Responsibility
We are aware of the impact our everyday actions have in improving the living conditions of people worldwide. We never forget how our business affects our Company, its employees and shareholders and base our actions on our understanding of the general public interest. Moreover, our managers are expected to take full responsibility for the decisions they make in carrying out their duties and managing their teams.

3. Innovation
Improving quality of service and value for our customers is a priority. For this purpose researches are conducted and innovative technologies developed through continuous reveal and study of the scientific frontiers. Moreover, in addition to the everyday issues we face, those combine to promote also global environmental solutions.

4. Performance
Our financial performance is the result of our financial discipline. It ensures that the Company will continue to create additional values for all stakeholders and guarantee long-term economic growth.

5. Team Work
Team work is a crucial element in the way Veolia Environnement works worldwide. Transfer and exchange of the experience and knowledge achieved jointly, make every success a shared victory and ensure continuous progress.