From “Yerevan Djur” to "Veolia Djur”

From January 1, 2017 all 5 water supply companies of Armenia will be managed by French Veolia Group.

The Interdepartmental committee of RA Government recognized French Veolia company a winner of the announced tender /official name Veolia Eau Compagnie General des Eaux share company/.
On November 21 Lease Contract of water systems used and maintained by “Yerevan Djur”, “Armenian water and sewage company”, “Lori water and sewage company”, “Shirak water and sewage company” and “Nor Akunk water and sewage company” was signed between the Lessor on behalf of the President of the State Committee of Water Economy of  RA Ministry of energetic infrastructures and natural resources Arsen Harutyunyan, the Bidder on behalf of deputy president of Central and Eastern European zone of Veolia Malika Ghendouri and the Lessee on behalf of general manager of newly created Veolia Djur Christian Lefaix.


The Contract will act for 15 years during which “Veolia Djur” envisages to provide customers water supply, water disposal and waste water treatment services by 800 million euro.


Especially in 2030 in the company’s whole service area 24-hour water supply will be provided.

On November 12 there was a city-wide Saturday volunteer work-in in Yerevan

Yerevan Djur: for work place as for home.

բգֆ ս

Last week despite the weekend there was a working agiotage in Yerevan . Together with other organizations and companies the staff of Yerevan Djur also took part in the city-wide Saturday volunteer work-in.
In dozens of the system’s structures the areas were amended, trash was collected and removed and arrangement of green spaces was implemented. The goal was not only cleaning. If water sources, reservoirs and pumping stations are only a part of water supply system in terms of engineering, for water workers it’s also a work place and they are used to treat it like home. From this comes the participants’ warm-hearted attitude towards work and their wish to see all around amended and green and to create all conveniences for effective work and life.
At the same time at the request of the administrative districts, Yerevan Djur excavators were taken out to the city’s streets to help the residents of Yerevan.

Independent Armenia is 25 years old
Happy Independence Day, Armenia!
July 5 is the day of Constitution

Constitution of the Republic of Armenia had been adopted on July 5, 1995 and is the base of the third Republic as a legal state.

The eve of Vardavar at Tsaravaghbyur

According to the tradition formed in Yerevan Djur CJSC this year too on July 2  the Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ was celebrated at Tsaravaghbyur: one of the 10 sources feeding the capital where by hand of the priest Shahen the blessing ceremony of the source was made.


This visit was unique because the participants of the event were mainly the employees of the company with their families: nearly 200 people. Vardavar went off very joyfully and brought great pleasure to the participants.

Risk management and rules of ethic

     In this seminar- training questions concerning criminal risks management and rules of ethic for reaching success has been discussed.


The seminar was lead by representatives of Veolia Ariane Oesterreicher and Mathias Hasday (Presentation of Veolia Ethic and Managing Criminal Risks Guides).

June 5 is the international day of the environment

In the structures of Yerevan Djur nature continues its circle with natural rhythm.

According to tradition each year on June 5 all departments of French Veolia Group in nearly 40 countries are celebrating Environment day. And this is natural.


As one of the greatest companies engaged in the problems of the environment /Income: 25 billion euro, number of employees: 174.000/ it works for water supply, wastewater treatment, recycling and receiving energy from them.

Victorious May, month of a struggle for existence
Capture of Berlin, liberation of Shushi, heroic battle of Sardarapat... Indeed May is victorious and meaningful.
May 1- Labor Day

Yerevan Djur CJSC calls on its employees to actively participate in the holiday emphasizing the importance of work in the formation of a person. 

Yerevan gathers its friends

On April 27 DWNC 7th annual meeting of Veolia Group Central and East Europe countries took place in Yerevan.

April 28 is World Day for Safety and Health at Work
The activities of this day aim to promote the prevention of workplace accidents and occupational diseases. 
April 22 is International Mother Earth Day

On April 22, 2009 UN General Assembly with the offer of more than 50 countries made a decision to celebrate this day as International Earth Day every year since 2010. 

Yerevan Djur to Artsakh

Like all Armenian people, the staff of Yerevan Djur CJSC is with Artsakh these days ready to help the struggling country and the army.