Veolia Water Company congratulates everybody on the occasion of the New Year and Christmas and says: welcome to the family of Veolia

From “Yerevan Djur” to "Veolia Djur”

The Interdepartmental committee of RA Government recognized French Veolia company a winner of the announced tender /official name Veolia Eau Compagnie General des Eaux share company/.
On November 21 Lease Contract of water systems used and maintained by “Yerevan Djur”, “Armenian water and sewage company”, “Lori water and sewage company”, “Shirak water and sewage company” and “Nor Akunk water and sewage company” was signed between the Lessor on behalf of the President of the State Committee of Water Economy of  RA Ministry of energetic infrastructures and natural resources Arsen Harutyunyan, the Bidder on behalf of deputy president of Central and Eastern European zone of Veolia Malika Ghendouri and the Lessee on behalf of general manager of newly created Veolia Djur Christian Lefaix.
The Contract will act for 15 years during which “Veolia Djur” envisages to provide customers water supply, water disposal and waste water treatment services by 800 million euro. Especially in 2030 in the company’s whole service area 24-hour water supply will be provided.
After signing the Contract the deputy president of Central and Eastern European zone of Veolia, responsible of the project of Armenia Malika Ghendouri answered the questions of journalists in the frame of press conference.

Report of Armenian first TV channel

Report of Armnews TV channel

Report of Kentron TV channel

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Risk management and rules of ethic

The fight against corruption in Armenia is on the agenda from now on. This phenomenon directly impedes progress of the country. But it is not enough to punish the guilty people. It is also necessary to prevent corruption by toughening internal regulations and control.
Yerevan Djur company has adopted such approach to the problem.
Film was shown by the channels H2, Armnews, Kentron, H3. 

The eve of Vardavar at Tsaravaghbyur

According to the tradition formed in Yerevan Djur CJSC this year too on July 2  the Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ was celebrated at Tsaravaghbyur: one of the 10 sources feeding the capital where by hand of the priest Shahen the blessing ceremony of the source was made.This visit was unique because the participants of the event were mainly the employees of the company with their families: nearly 200 people. Vardavar went off very joyfully and brought great pleasure to the participants.
Remark of Kentron TV channel. 

Water interruption: reasons and results

Several TV channels have published reportages about water interruptions which occur in Yerevan Djur CJSC service area especially in summer and have focused on the results which that water interruptions can make. The reportages mainly focused on the fact that at the beginning of the Lease Contract in 2006 the average duration of water supply was 17.3 hours, and 10 years later, by the last results of the contract it was 23.4 hours. It is possible to reach such high results only by constant reconstruction of technically worn-out water supply network. Due to the implemented constructional works today Yerevan has not only  much water but also technically and economically more  reliable and profitable water supply.
Remark of Kentron TV channel. 

Water supply: Towards summer

On May 13 regular meeting of the representatives of Yerevan Djur CJSC with media took place in “Peoplemeter” media hall. Faithful to their practice of public work conference participants spoke about the results of the Company’s activity, current works, future projects and prospects during the meeting. website coverage

Motherhood and Beauty Holiday


Yerevan Djur, 9 years later

Film about 1-9 years of activity of Yerevan Djur CJSC

The film about Veolia Group

How and why, at a glance: Drinking-water production

One of the main missions of Veolia is to distribute drinking water of impeccable quality. The Group designs suitable water treatment solutions, provides traceability and deploys tools for proper management of the networks.

Bringing tangible solutions to the climate change 

Veolia aims to highlight the capacity of its activities to bring tangible solutions to the climate change. Direct and optimistic, this advertising film points out how Veolia transforms the world, by reusing what is discarded by some, then creating valuable resources for others.