Customer Service

Customer Service Offices

In order to be closer to the consumers, 5 Customer Service Offices (CSO) operate in the Veolia Djur CJSC system. 


Daily 90-100 citizens apply to the latter with various issues, such as: become a new customer, get Technical Conditions for the water line construction, rename the apartment, pay off the debt, eliminate water line and sewer breakdowns and obstructions, regulate the water pressure, install and repair water meters, check the water supply schedule, make water connection, sign the Completion Act for a building structure, obtain legal clarifications and many other similar issues that the physical or legal persons may face in the everyday life. After being recorded, the applications are directly transferred to the relevant  services of the Company in order to respond within the terms stated by the RA Legislation.
There Customer Service Offices are located at the following addresses:
Abovyan 66a, Azatutyan 24, Artsakhi 22, Leningradyan 50, Gayi 51.