Water and wastewater service

Water and wastewater management

Almost all the Branch Directorates of the Company are involved in the water and wastewater system management to a certain extent. Naturally, first of all they fulfill their functions, meanwhile taking into consideration the Customer complaints/enquiries and their increasing requirements.  


Thus, Water Production, Safety, Health and Environment (WPSHE) Directorate is responsible for taking the drinking water from the water sources to Yerevan and the adjacent communities. In residential areas the water and sewage networks are served by “Arevelq” (East) and “Arevmutq” (West) Operational Directorates through their 10 Districts. The Commercial Department, with its 10 Districts, is engaged in metered water sale to the Customers, and the Technical Directorate keep its hand permanently on the pulse of the system, control the situation and intervene if necessary. In its turn, the Legal and Customer Service Directorate transfer the information, received from the Customers through the 1-85 Call Center and Customer Service Offices, “on-line” to the Company relevant Directorates in order to respond to them within the deadlines stated by the RA Legislation.