Water and wastewater service

Water quality

In Yerevan Djur CJSC system the water is mainly received from mountainous sources, which completely correspond to the Drinking Water Sanitary Norms and Rules applicable in the Republic of Armenia and is supplied to the Customers without additional treatment. However, for safety and with preventive purposes, the water in the sources is chlorinated by Chlorination Stations, ensuring availability of 0.3-0.5 mg/dmresidual chlorine in water.


Moreover, Company has a Drinking Water Laboratory strengthened with modern equipment where annually 17.000-18.000 physical, chemical and biological analyses on the water quality are conducted.
Water quality in the system is tested in the following frequencies:
1. Every 2 hours in all 27 groups of Daily Regulation Reservoirs (DRRs) of the Capital - by the relevant Operators,
2. Every day in all the DRRs and 15-18 points of the urban distribution network -  by the Water Laboratory,
3. Each quarter in all the water sources - by the Water Laboratory,
4. After construction of all the new water lines, washing of the DRRs, rehabilitation of the distribution network or other technical works - by the Water Laboratory.
Due to all these, no case of substantial violation of the water quality was recorded in the system during the 10th Contract Year of the Company activity.