Our HR policy

The Company's formula for success has numerous components; however, it is the Company staff that have been and continues to remain the main core for this.
Team Formation
The rejuvenation of the Company's management played a decisive role in this. In a short time period a high-quality group of professionals was formed which bravely aimed at solution of the problems accumulated for years. In particular, measures were taken for consolidation of about 1100 employees of the Company and formation of a team united by their overall interests. 


Staff Recruitment and Rejuvenation
The staff was rejuvenated as far as possible, ensuring meantime an optimal ratio between the older experienced professionals and the newly recruited specialists. Firstly, it refers to the operational and technical services. In order to enhance the service quality, the Meter Readers of the Commercial Directorate underwent training courses. Necessary personnel changes were made in all other services which played a key role in execution of the Lease Contract.
At Work as at Home
Great importance was given to the creation of safe and efficient working conditions in the system, providing workers with uniforms and improving their proper working conditions at the working place. Almost all the services of the Company, which had been previously renting spaces, acquired their own “roofs”. Introduction of the system of material and moral incentives had also positive impact on the psychology of the plumbers.
The works in the mentioned directions continue in the system. Establishment of a strong foundation for the future success is underway.